YouTube adds pinch to zoom, but not everyone can use it


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YouTube’s latest experiment gives users the ability to zoom in on videos, but there is a catch. As it’s still in the experimental phase, only YouTube Premium users can access the feature.

Known as pinch to zoom, (how else would you do it?), the feature will be available to all Premium members, but only up until 1 September. After that, it will be removed, allowing YouTube to refine the feature before a wider release takes place. Maybe.

YouTube is just experimenting

YouTube pinch to zoom
Credits: YouTube

We’re not sure if the feature will be confined to Premium members, or if it will roll out more widely. We believe the latter is more than likely. YouTube allows Premium members to test early-access features before anyone else, subsequently releasing them globally. Still, don’t get your hopes up too high.

YouTube pinch to zoom
Credits: YouTube

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If you’re a Premium member, you can turn on the feature in just a few steps. Click on your profile picture, then click ‘Your Premium benefits’. From here, find the ‘Try new features’ page and turn on ‘pinch-to-zoom’. There are currently no other experimental features active, so you won’t get confused. After the toggle is enabled, give it a minute to register and give you access to the feature. Once it’s active, you can zoom in up to 8x, while also moving the screen around as you please.

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