Your Galaxy Watch will remind you to wash your hands by being incredibly annoying


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Despite the fact that schools and children’s television shows constantly reinforce the fact that we should always wash our hands from a very young age, very few of us have kept it up. Be honest with yourself, you could probably wash your hands a little more. Especially now, as the world starts to come down from such a potent pandemic. We get it, you’re a busy person and sometimes you just forget to wash them, so why not have a handy little reminder dangling from your wrist?

Well, maybe “dangling” isn’t the best way to be handling your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Make sure that little nugget of hardware is firmly strapped to your wrist as you install a new Hand Wash app that does…well, do you really need us to explain what something called the “Hand Wash app” does? The new app for the Galaxy Watch will remind you to wash your hands every two hours by sounding an alarm which sounds just irritating enough to be effective. You can also modify what kind of intervals the alarm sounds to prevent you genuinely hurling the device across the room because having to wash your hands every two hours during the day sounds like an absolute prison sentence.

You can also set a timer for when you arrive at a sink that will give you a better indication of how to best allocate your hand washing time: Five seconds for applying soap and another twenty seconds for scrubbing yourself down. Your watch will even gather all the times you wash your hands in a week and offer an average so that…you can improve, maybe?

The Galaxy Watch is obviously waterproof because if it wasn’t then a Hand Wash app would be the most ironically pointless to any device since someone made an app that lets you pretend to unzip your phone lock screen.

(Source: Engadget)

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