You Can Now Play Google Stadia Games On Your iPhone Again


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google stadiaBack in September, developer Zachary Know released an app which was essentially a custom browser that allowed iPhone users to play Stadia games on their iPhones. However, a month later, Apple killed the app citing the improper use of iOS APIs as one of the reasons behind its removal.

The good news is that Knox did not take long to find a way around the issue, and the good news is that if you missed out on the initial download, you’ll be pleased to learn that the app has since been reapproved and is now back on the App Store where you’ll be able to download it and stream Goole Stadia games to your iPhone.

However, it should be noted that as a result of Knox having to comply with Apple’s App Store rules, he notes there could be instances in which Bluetooth controllers could have trouble connecting and not working with the app. According to Knox, “Bluetooth controllers might work. Using the “Override User Agent” I mentioned, Stadia should properly support the Gamepad API, but iOS doesn’t always seem to pass that through. I have gotten it to work more than once, but definitely not every time I tried.”

If you are interested in downloading it, you’ll be able to find the app on the App Store, but you’ll have to do some new configurations where the instructions can be found on Knox’s website.

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