Xiaomi shows off quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone with under-display camera, no ports or buttons


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Xiaomi has introduced a new concept smartphone with 88° hyper quad-curved screen, and the company says this allows visual interfaces to flow over the phone’s surface like water. Since the entire frame of the smartphone is covered by the screen, the phone doesn’t have ports or buttons offering an unibody no-port smartphone design.

The company has 46 self-developed patented technologies. Xiaomi said that it manufactured an 88° quad-curved glass panel and used 3D bonding process.

Regarding the display technology, Xiaomi said:

Polishing a piece of such hyper-curved glass with a deep 88° bend on four sides requires self-developed glass processing equipment, hot bending under 800° high temperature and pressure, four different polishing tools and up to more than ten complex polishing procedures. More importantly, behind such a piece of glass are thousands of attempts.

To attach such a piece of 88° quad-curved glass to a flexible display, an innovative screen stacking design was adopted through our breakthrough 3D bonding process. All of this ensures perfect and flawless screen performance.

Since the phone doesn’t have any ports, it uses technologies such as ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics, for the earpiece and speakers, an industry-first flexible film display acoustic technology, third-generation under-display cameras, wireless charging, eSIM, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, and more.

This comes a couple of years after the company introduced its Mi MIX Alpha concept smartphone with an innovative Surround Screen with a screen-to-body ratio of more than 180.6%. Back in 2019 OPPO showed off its smartphone with 88° curved sides and the Vivo APEX 2020 concept phone has 120° curved sides, but the top and bottom of these phones are flat.

Since this is just a concept, some features in the phone will likely be introduced in a future Xiaomi phone.

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