Xiaomi launches Mi KN95 Mask in India


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Xiaomi today launched its Mi KN95 Mask in India after the launch of AirPOP mask back in January last year. It has 4 layers of protection with non-woven material on the outermost for filtering particles and innermost layer for optimum breathing respectively, and also comes with inner two layers of melt-blown fabric for bacterial and small particle filtration.

It comes with 95%+ Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE), preventing viable particles that may vary between the size 1-5 microns. This is coupled with 95%+ Particle Filter Efficiency (PFE) that prevents entry of nonviable particles that are fixed in size from 0.1 micron to 1 micron. The micro filtration material used in the mask is soft, lightweight and gentle on your skin ensuring that anyone can wear it for long hours.

The Inspiratory Resistance of Mi KN95 masks lies at 153.9 Pa while the Expiratory Resistance is 137.9 Pa ensuring optimum breathability and offers ample airflow, says the company. It has a nose pin for a firm fixture ensuring there is no leakage and hence prevents fogging on the glasses. It also comes with softer ear loops making it easy for users to wear it for a longer time without any pain around the ears.

Mi KN95 Protective Mask Specs

  • BFE > 95% (size equal or greater than 3-micron meter)
  • PFE > 95% (size equal or greater than 0.1-micron meter)
  • 4 layers (Outermost and Innermost non woven material, 2 layers of melt blown)
  • GB 2626-2019 certification
  • 10 to 12 hours of usage on a continuous basis

The Mi KN95 mask is priced at Rs. 250 for a pack of two, while a pack of 5 costs Rs. 600. It is available at Mi.com, Mi Homes and Retail stores across India.

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