Xiaomi Air Charger Technology Is Truly Wireless And Supports Multiple Devices


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Xiaomi has expanded its product portfolio from just smartphones to include a wide range of gadgets. We now have Xiaomi Mi TVs, audio accessories, laptops, trimmers, and so on. The latest one is the Xiaomi Air Charger Technology, which seems to be completely wireless and allows users to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Xiaomi Air Charger Technology Explained

Xiaomi Air Charger Technology Explained

The patented technology surpasses the need for cables or a wireless charging stand, making it truly wireless. The Chinese company has made use of a special device shaped like a tower/box that uses beamforming technology to send millimeter waves directly to a device. These waves are converted to electric power that charges the device.

Xiaomi’s tower device is equipped with five phase-detection antennas that pick out a smartphone or any compatible device within seconds. Plus, the Xiaomi Air Charger Technology has 144 beamforming antennas that transfer millimeter waves. To note, smartphones pack two antenna arrays, but especially for this technology, these antennas are much smaller in size.

Xiaomi Air Charger Technology For Home Appliances, Wearables

The company says in a blog post that the Xiaomi Mi Air Charger Technology supports multiple devices at the same time at a long-range at a maximum power of 5W per device. That comes as a bummer as several wireless technologies for phones support 80W. It looks like Xiaomi is aiming for smaller devices and home appliances, rather than smartphones.

According to Adam Zeng Xuezhong, the new head of Xiaomi‘s mobile division, the Xiaomi Air Charger Technology aims to charge wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers in the future. Home appliances like Bluetooth speakers, desk lamps, and even remote sensors can be charged via the new Air Charger.

Xiaomi Air Charger Technology: How Does It Help?

We’re slowly moving towards complete smart home solutions that are based on sensors and touch controls. The new Xiaomi Air Charger Technology comes as an adaptive solution to truly make the homes wire-free. The new Air Charger technology could be a great improvement in the way we charge our gadgets. And with Xiaomi’s popularity in India, we could be seeing the new charger soon.

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