Wunsiedel: Death of a ten-year-old – the police assume that an eleven-year-old was involved in the crime


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Death of a ten-year-old – the police assume that an eleven-year-old was involved in the crime

“Children in such facilities do not come from a comfortable family background”

After the death of a ten-year-old girl in a child and youth welfare facility in Wunsiedel, Upper Franconia, the investigation is ongoing. Bavaria’s Family and Social Affairs Minister Ulrike Scharf has now expressed her condolences on site.

After securing evidence at the crime scene in Wunsiedel, the police assume that an eleven-year-old was involved in the killing of a ten-year-old. He lived in the same children’s home as the dead woman and has now been placed in a secure facility.

NAfter the death of a ten-year-old girl, the police, after finding traces, assume that an eleven-year-old was involved. The results of securing evidence “point to the involvement of an eleven-year-old boy from the facility in Wunsiedel,” said the police and public prosecutor’s office in Wunsiedel on Friday. “There, the eleven-year-old boy not criminally responsible is, he was housed preventively in a secure facility.”

The girl was found dead in her room in the child and youth welfare facility on Tuesday. The public prosecutor assumed a homicide. In the course of the investigation, the Soko forces immediately secured traces at the scene of the crime and left them to the State Criminal Police Office for evaluation, it said.

A hearing of the eleven-year-old was still pending according to the police on Friday. Further measures would be taken in close coordination with the youth authorities.

Herrmann thanks highly dedicated investigators

Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann praised the investigative work of the Bavarian police. “Soko Park and the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office have done an excellent job of evaluating the traces,” said the CSU politician in Munich. A 40-strong special commission (Soko) “Park” of the police headquarters in Upper Franconia is leading the investigation.

“Thanks to the meticulous and highly committed investigations, a person involved in the crime could be identified in a comparatively short time,” he emphasized. Herrmann spoke of “very difficult and complex investigations”, in particular because a large number of children and young people had to be questioned. “It takes a lot of tact.”

However, the investigators’ work is far from over. “Now it is important to clarify the exact background of this atrocious act.”

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Herrmann explained that the violent death of the girl still touched him deeply. “The suffering of the parents and the bereaved must be immeasurable,” he said. He hopes that the investigative work of the police can at least help to process the terrible loss. Even with the children and young people in the youth welfare center, the shock is still deep. “There’s still a lot of work to be done for the supervisors here.”

An employee of the specialist facility found the ten-year-old lifeless in a room on Tuesday morning. A forensic examination revealed signs of external interference. Media reports on Wednesday initially spoke of three suspected underage boys between the ages of eleven and 16, but the information was denied by the public prosecutor’s office.

According to the authorities, the majority of the children and young people accommodated in the aid center were on an organized ski holiday during the police measures and should return on Friday. Specially trained police forces as well as emergency pastors and psychologists take care of the residents present and the staff.

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