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Leading up to the 2020 pandemic (remember this intro in 20 years’ time when your children ask about it), food delivery in SA was… below par to say the least. In some cases, you would have waited for five to seven workdays for your bread and milk delivery to arrive. And sometimes the shop just didn’t have stock and wouldn’t credit back your money. But since then, grocers have streamlined the process. Now Woolworths wants to join in the fun with its upcoming delivery app called Woolies Dash.

Coming in with a Dash

Woolies South Africa tweeted out a teaser today with a few graphics depicting the new Woolies Dash branding. In the graphics, the retailer claims it’ll deliver grocery orders within an hour. If that timeframe sounds familiar, you’re on to something. 

Checkers launched its Sixty60 delivery app late last year, and it really took off during lockdown. Now, you can order groceries from just about anywhere in major metros, and have it delivered to your house in under 60 minutes. It’s been one of the saving graces for homebodies (i.e. everyone) in SA. 

But it never had proper competition in the e-commerce space. Other retailers have been trailing behind when it comes to digital innovation. Finally, Woolworths is on the bandwagon, and we’ll likely see the retailer launch its own 60-minute delivery service. 

We don’t know whether the service will only cater for foodstuff yet. It may branch out into clothing and homeware going forward. Right now, we can’t wait to order Chuckles by the kilogram from Woolies Dash. 

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