Witnesses are being questioned: Canada is investigating after the “Titan” implosion


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Witnesses are questioned
Canada investigates Titan implosion

The crashed submersible “Titan” will keep Canadian authorities busy for a long time. You are to investigate the circumstances of the implosion. Questions of criminal law are left out of the investigation.

After the implosion of the submersible “Titan” near the “Titanic” wreck, Canada has announced investigations. The “circumstances” in the use of the submersible should be examined, said the Canadian traffic safety authority. The “Titan” was brought to its site near the “Titanic” wreck by a Canadian-flagged mother ship, so Canada is responsible for the investigation.

The Traffic Safety Authority is routinely responsible for investigating air, rail, ship and pipeline accidents with the aim of improving traffic safety. However, it does not conduct any criminal or civil law investigations. According to the authority, investigators were sent to St. John’s on the Canadian island of Newfoundland, from where the “Titan” mother ship “Polar Prince” set sail. They should collect information there and interview witnesses. In the coming days, activities should be coordinated with other agencies involved, it said.

Several vulnerabilities could have led to implosion

After the disappearance of the “Titan” on Sunday, the US Coast Guard started a large-scale search around 700 kilometers south of the Canadian island of Newfoundland with the help of Canadian forces in particular. Debris from the vehicle was discovered just 500 meters from the bow of the “Titanic” wreck. So it was clear: the five occupants, including Oceangate boss Stockton Rush, were dead. Everything indicates that the hull of the boat gave way to the enormous water pressure and imploded. The “Titanic” lies at a depth of around 3800 meters on the seabed. The luxury liner sank in 1912.

According to various experts, the developers and operators of the submersible circumvented accepted standards and disregarded warnings. According to media reports, a 2018 letter from the organization Marine Technology Society (MTS) warned of the experimental nature of the tourist offer and that the trips could end in disaster. Former British submarine captain Ryan Ramsay told the PA news agency that the hatch, which had to be closed with 17 screws from the outside, may have been defective. Another possibility is that there had previously been a defect in the pressure hull itself.

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