“With good minds”: Wagenknecht: New party could weaken AfD


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“With Good Minds”
Wagenknecht: New party could weaken AfD

Left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht finds the current selection between the parties insufficient. In order to wrest votes from the AfD, a new party with an “attractive offer” is needed.

Left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht believes that a newly founded party could weaken the AfD. This could win back voters, Wagenknecht told the broadcaster “Welt”. If there were again an “attractive offer” in the political landscape, “with good minds, with a serious program,” then she believes that a great many would vote for such a party.

Wagenknecht again left open whether this new party should be one she founded herself. It is clear that a new party is needed as an AfD alternative. This must stand for “economic reason, for social justice, for liberality and freedom of expression”. Without such an offer, “the only choice left is between the parties that are there – and that’s a pretty frustrating choice for many people,” said the left-wing politician.

“Even the left has disappointed its voters”

With a view to the current poll high for the AfD and the announcement that they would run with a candidate for chancellor in the 2025 election, Wagenknecht said: “I think all those who find this particularly dramatic should rather discuss why the AfD is doing this has become strong and what part all other parties have in it.” Wagenknecht did not exempt her own party from this criticism: “Of course, the left must also ask itself why it has lost so many voters in recent years.” According to Wagenknecht, the left has also disappointed its voters. “And then some of these voters said: What else should we vote for? So in the end, the AfD will remain.”

The AfD chairmen Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla had previously announced on “ntv Frühstart” that the party would go into the next federal election with a candidate for chancellor. In polls, the right-wing party is currently around 19 percent. There has long been a deep dissent between Wagenknecht and the Left Party. A week and a half ago, the party executive decided to renounce the 53-year-old and asked her to return her Bundestag mandate. Wagenknecht had previously repeatedly confirmed that talks about founding a new party would be held. She wants to decide whether she will remain in the Left Party by the end of the year.

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