Windows 8 All Set To Take The World By Storm

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In Barcelona last year on the February 29th 2011 the Microsoft windows 8 was thrown open for public testing in the Mobile World Congress. The product has received a great amount of speculation since it was supposed to be compatible with processors that run on the ARM platform which make it compatible with tablets and mobile phones as well. These ARM processors are a great choice since they consume a lesser amount of power and are much smaller in size than their counterparts. They can be especially custom designed to fit in the needs and requirements for cell phones and tablets.  By doing this Microsoft has proved to put up a big challenge for multinational companies like Apple and Google by designing windows 8 in such a way that it is compatible with the smallest electronic device. This is something which none of the rivals companies have come up with so far.

Microsoft has not so far unrevealed any of the improved features of windows 7 but there is no doubt that with windows 8 coming on to the scene windows 7 will surely lose its charm and hold less market value in the industry. The feature of the ARM processor is what makes the windows 8 so unique. It is becoming very famous since it is compatible with almost all devices. Since tablets have taken the market like ants take to sugar in sometime laptops and desktops will become obsolete. It has been made very clear by Microsoft that WOA will not be able to support any of the applications by the previous windows 7. The windows 8 will have features like

  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Office
  • One note

It will use the internet explorer 10 and will support lots of desktop features as well. The president of Microsoft, Steven Sino sky describes the WOA, as ‘smart, sleek, fast and modern”. This has been one of the most anticipated technology changes in the entire world.

The start menu which is a tradition in all windows operating systems will be missing. But instead of it the applications will be arranged in a tile like pattern called the metro. This is supposed to be more users friendly and handy. The pc is said to start in 8 seconds flat which is unlike its predecessors who took a considerable amount of time to start up. It can be used for gaming purposes as well. One can exit out of applications with the swipe of a finger. The test version was downloaded in 70 countries after Microsoft unveiled the new Windows 8. Companies like Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc can be given a run for their money with this new launch. It has every feature that man could possibly ask for. Though it is priced a little on the higher side people who want only the best are ready to pay for this new operating system.  In the coming times windows 8 will be all what the world will be raving about since it is the best what Microsoft has given to the world.

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