Why It’s So Important To Practice White Hat SEO Techniques Only

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Ever wondered what the difference between white hat and black SEO techniques is or which will provide your business with the best results? Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi here to provide you with all the information you need to know about white hat SEO and why it is important to avoid cheap black hat tactics.

#. White hat SEO techniques

White hat SEO techniques are often referred to as being ‘organic.’ Rather than focusing on tailoring a website and its content for search engine crawlers, businesses practicing white hat SEO focus on user experience. In order to work their way up search engine rankings they follow the rules and regulations set by search engines, using white hat techniques including keyword research, analysis and content creation. Rather than keyword stuffing their content for SEO purposes, companies practicing white hat SEO create unique, interesting and engaging content that provides answers to their visitors’ questions.

Practicing white hat SEO techniques may not be the quickest way of raising your ranking, but it will provide long-term beneficial results that black hat SEO techniques simply cannot.

#. Black hat SEO techniques

Black hat SEO refers to unethical techniques used by businesses to achieve higher keyword rankings in search engine results. The reasons they are unethical are because they have broken the rules of search engines, presented misleading content or obscured their content resulting in the creation of a poor user experience. Although black hat SEO techniques can provide short-term gains, they will not produce long-term results.

Techniques such as keyword stuffing, invisible text and purchasing links are all classed as black hat SEO. They often result in websites becoming spam-like. If businesses are caught out by search engines, they may find that their website is penalised or de-ranked.

#. Staying on the right side of search engines

It is the job of search engines to provide users with quality results for their keyword search queries. If businesses practicing black hat SEO techniques are getting in the way of this, then search engines like Google will make sure they are punished. If your website is penalised because of your unethical SEO practices, you will not only lose your ranking but risk losing your reputation too. Once a business has been ousted as unethical, it is very difficult to mend its reputation.

#. Ethical practice

It is the intention of search engines to level out the playing field, making it a fair competition for all businesses aiming to gain the top spot for their keywords. This is why they have rules and create algorithms. If you practice ethical white hat SEO techniques then you do not have to worry about changes to search engine algorithms. These algorithms are not created to catch ethical businesses out, they are simply there to penalise those that prevent search engines from doing their job properly by performing unfair tactics.

#. Improve user experience

At the end of the day, even if a website has gained a high ranking on a search engine by carrying out black hat SEO techniques, users aren’t going to buy into their unethical practices once they fail to deliver on content. As mentioned before, black hat techniques will only provide short-term results and stand no chance at working in the long run. It is therefore a much better use of your time to write engaging content for a human audience.

Users are much more likely to recommend your website if they enjoy reading your content, whether your site is about SEO in Essex or interior design doesn’t matter at all – the content needs to be compelling. If you have been keeping up to date with SEO news, you will know just how important social signals and recommendations are becoming in ranking websites.


The most successful businesses ranking well in search engine results get there by playing by the rules and building up a reputation for quality. They provide useful, interesting and unique content for their users to read, building up a reputation as authoritative figures in their industries. If it is your dream to build up a reputable business, practicing white hat SEO is the only way to go about it.

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