Why are rotating IP addresses important ?

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So let’s start at the top for those of you that aren’t aware of some of the fundamental terms here. The IP (Internet Protocol) addresses we always talk about are basically unique labels that are distributed amongst the devices connected to those computer networks that are making use of this particular IP address for communication. Now, over here – we have both static and dynamic IP addresses – the latter also being referred to as rotating IP addresses. I’m sure many of us are aware of the advantages of static IP addresses – they’re said to be more secure and well, they’re specific to your device, they don’t change. There’s this stigma around dynamic IP addresses and them being highly unsafe – we could dive into saying that if they really changed every two seconds – but in reality, that isn’t necessarily the case!

rotating IP addresses important

Rotating (dynamic) IP addresses are actually so much more cost-efficient than static ones! Not only this, you don’t actually need a fixed IP address unless you’re indulging in things like VPN, where they keep track of the address – which is a whole other discussion. For mere home purposes – a rotating one is perfectly alright. Let’s take a look at an example alright? In the case of static IP addresses – if as the ISP, I have 50 unique addresses, I will only be able to entertain 50 different devices – and sometimes, a user may not actually be using the computer but still logged in – so here, one IP address is blocked, depriving the chance of another active user making use of it. However, that isn’t the way it works in the case of dynamic IP addresses. Here, if someone has logged out, that address gets shuffled to someone new – allowing more people to use the ISP’s network. That is one huge reason why they are so important – we get to maximize the use of the network and also garner the most audience for the network. Also, refer to this article to know more about in detail.

Remember this!

If you’re similar to most of us, living in an apartment complex that’s clustered with internet-famished people, you’ll know how hard it is to get the best Wifi channel at home. It’s almost as difficult as getting to that perfect t-shirt in a sale at Target on a Black Friday. Honestly, even catching a cab in the busy streets of New York seems easier than getting the best Wifi channel.


If you’ve ever got down to set your Wifi at home, I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about. Most of the time, several problems lead to slow internet. It’s usually a hit and trial method to guess which issue is the correct one -could it be that the neighbor’s weird named Wifi network is causing my slow internet?


Although there could be a plethora of Wifi related issues, I’ve toned it down to just two – either you can’t seem to connect to your Wifi, or the internet speed is incredibly slow.

So as we have seen, ISPs interchange their IP addresses to optimize the usage of resources, and bring out the best scope of audience to make use of the service. This is what makes them so important too – because nothing goes to waste here. For the service provider, having this kind of IP address supplied will bring many more benefits – all because of how efficient they are and of course – how many people make use of it! They’re flexible and flexibility is necessary. They’re the right path to choose – and they should be chosen.


Suppose you’re not able to work close to your router, so you’ve to ensure that you’re getting good speed or not. For that, you need to place your router in an open place where there are not too many walls or obstructions. It helps you to get a boost in your speed. Reposition your router and that as high as possible to get a good connection.

Avoid placing your router on the lower surface because it affects your internet signal. An employee should be from a rural, semi-urban, or urban area. Ensure that your area has good connectivity to the internet so you can do your work without any interruption.

best network for internet access

You need to choose the best network for internet access.

  • Check whether that company customer care services are good or not
  • Are they providing that internet speed which they mention in the package
  • Check the network connectivity is good in your area or not
  • They have a better internet package than others


There are two types of network options you have:-

  • Mobile data package
  • Wi-Fi


I suggest, use both options so you can always have alternative options. If a call arrives, a power cut happens, and poor speed, etc. So you can switch your network and have uninterrupted work from home.

And using Wi-Fi is a must because it provides you with a high speed that helps you download/ upload large files easily and quickly, which the mobile data can’t. Mobile data can be used in emergencies. Having rotating IP addresses is thus important.

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