WhatsApp’s New Feature Lets You Mute Chats Indefinitely


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We all have that one friend or one relative that loves sending us all kinds of weird random crap on WhatsApp. Or sometimes there are group chats that just won’t keep quiet throughout the day. It can be annoying, which is why WhatsApp has a mute feature. Oddly enough, this mute feature was kind of limited.

You could never mute chats indefinitely, either choosing from a few hours, a week, or a year. However, the good news is that in an announcement by WhatsApp on Twitter, the company has made some changes to how its mute feature works, where it seems that users will now have the ability to mute chats indefinitely.

There will still be the option of choosing between 8 hours or 1 week, but instead of one year, WhatsApp has changed that to “Always”. Previously, you would have to remember to mute the chat again once the one year was up, which we suppose isn’t too difficult, but this change is appreciated nonetheless.

It is unclear why WhatsApp never had the option to mute chats indefinitely, especially when you cosnider that other chat or messaging apps had similar features, but we suppose better late than never, right? This feature should be in the latest version of the app so you’ll want to make sure that you have the latest version to take advantage of it.

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