WhatsApp will allow you to create groups with 1,023 “friends”


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Have you ever been in a group chat of 512 people and thought ‘There aren’t enough people in here. We should add another 512.’ If you have, that’s pretty weird. But, your dreams are coming true. WhatsApp is increasing the cap on group chats to allow 1,024 users to join a single group, up from 512.

Mash that mute button 

Just the thought of returning to your phone to find over 1,000+ messages waiting scares us. Still, it’s a far cry from Telegram’s 200,000 group cap, although that’s aimed at business and enterprise users. It’s possible that we could see WhatsApp heading in a similar direction once it launches its business-centric update in the future.

A few of the regular beta testers have received this functionality, though most are still waiting for the rollout. Regular users still need to wait for the official rollout, which should be taking place over the coming weeks.

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If you do have access to the latest beta, you’ll see the ability to create groups with 1,024 people in the ‘create group’ tab. Larger groups work exactly the same, just with an extra level of annoyance to go along with them. WhatsApp is working on tools to manage the extra people such as a manual join request approval system. We’ll find out more about these once the update is live and available to everyone.

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