WhatsApp up, you can cool it down with SMSes and phone calls now


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Crisis averted: WhatsApp is back, following a stress-filled morning of panic after the messenger service went down. Messages, calls and statuses’ were all down, forcing users to find alternatives. Now, we can rest. The world is at peace again.

The messaging app went down on Tuesday morning across different parts of the world, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, and India.

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As expected, social media, mostly Twitter, was one of the places where people went to inform each other of the latest developments and how they can all go back to chatting on the Meta-owned platform.

Earlier, the Meta-owned platform noted how it had been aware of the problem and that it was working to resolve it. The issue continues to be a topic of discussion amongst other social medias.

Here at Stuff, we started wondering how the world got by before WhatsApp. Remember phone calls? SMS? BBM and Mixit? Well, those with Telegram seem to have continued with life as an alternative to WhatsApp.

Here are some reactions from Twitter on Tuesday morning.

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