WhatsApp Teams Up With Any.do For Work-focused Chats


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Messaging platform WhatsApp now has a feature designed for work-centered conversations to keep teams in check and in the loop about their tasks.

The platform teamed up with Any.do, a task management platform, to create WhatsApp for Teams. The new feature enables those working in a team remain updated about their tasks and to chat about these using WhatsApp. You know, instead of sending an email.

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WhatsApp for Teams, which is linked to Any.do, allows users working on the same tasks to quickly create and assign tasks on the platform. It sends reminders to team members as direct WhatsApp messages about projects and tasks that they’re working on. Conversations are synched and team members can immediately view or comment using WhatsApp.

The Meta-owned platform has been gradually introducing features for chats between larger groups of people in communities, as well as between businesses and clients.

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As opposed to WhatsApp for Business, which is designed for chats between businesses and clients, WhatsApp for Teams caters to internal conversations that most teams in the work environment are already having on the mainstream WhatsApp platform, but without the necessary tools to keep everything in check.

Don’t leave your laptop at home just yet. WhatsApp for Teams is only available on the desktop for now with support for Windows and Mac. Any.do says it’s working on a mobile version.

Source: CNET, Any.do

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