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Just a few months (or was it weeks) back, we wrote up that WhatsApp was testing out a feature that would allow users to set and customise unique wallpapers for different chats. Well, it looks like that functionality has wrapped up testing and is currently rolling out to devices as we speak. WhatsApp has confirmed that the overhauled wallpaper feature is arriving in a new update and it’s bringing with it a whole load of other goodies.

Yes, the ability to use different wallpapers for different chats is probably the biggest addition, but the update has also brought a suite of new wallpapers into the fold. Oh, and some new stickers have been tossed in for good measure. Ah, WhatsApp. How your bowl runneth over with new content.

Covering the paint with some new wallpapers

Gone are the days of being forced into using the default “doodle” theme or whatever badly cropped image you’d decided to slap onto all your chats. WhatsApp’s new range of wallpapers includes a variety of landscapes and architecture from across the world to better accomodate those billions of users who might want to make their chats a little more familiar.

Stickers have also been tweaked to be easier to find. You can now search for specific stickers by both using text or an emoji, or just look for them via categories. This is all excellent use for all five of you who use WhatsApp stickers, you’re all surely very pleased about this.

Okay, that’s harsh. Stickers are actually fairly popular so making them easier to use feels like something that was a long time coming for the instant messaging app. Still, we’re just pleased we can actually use different wallpapers across our multitudes of chats. It makes the pain of all those WhatsApp groups just slightly more bearable, you know?

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