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WhatsApp has been doing a great deal to try and convince us that it’s a great platform to shop on. While it’s certainly a move designed to target small businesses, it’s still something that could benefit consumers in the long run. The latest addition WhatsApp Business is the much requested cart function, meaning that users can add and purchase multiple different products at once.

It’s an essential part of any online store and the fact that the function is only being added now is surprising. Still, given how much more energy WhatsApp is focusing on it’s Business wing it’s a smart move. About time too, considering product catalogues only just arrived too.

WhatsApp’s finally make everything easier

Anyone who purchased off WhatsApp Business before the addition of carts knows what a hassle the whole process was. It used to be that you’d need to have a pointless back-and-forth with a business for every item you wanted but now you can dump them all into a handy little list and send it off as a unit. Can you imagine trying to purchase something off Takealot and specifically requesting the price on every item and the sending someone a message for every individual piece? Yeah, no thanks.

Carts will be rolling out (pun intended) in a global update from today so make sure your WhatsApp Business is refreshed and ready for the download. Considering the amount of people using the sub-brand, it’s shocking that it’s taken this long. According to the company’s statistics, WhatsApp Business has over 50 million users as of July. The surge in interest prompted the company to begin more heavily investing in business features of which this is clearly one.

(Source: The Verge)

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