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It’s truly crazy how something as seemingly simple as a search engine has completely changed our lives. Sure, the internet has fundamentally transformed the way we look for and process information but the chaos of sifting through all the garbage to find the good stuff… well, it would be worse than digging through the reference section in a library.

An effective search engine is how we’re able to find what we’re looking for. Huawei’s new Petal Search is hoping to change the way we browse the internet with some smart features, a mobile-forward approach and technology that make it one of the most exciting apps to come out of Huawei. So what exactly makes Petal Search so exciting?

Just take a second to think about what device you mainly use to browse the internet. Go on, just take a minute. It’s your phone, right? The beauty of a smartphone is that it has enabled society to look up anything we’ve ever wanted right there on the spot. This means that our mobile search engines need to be built and ready for anything we could possibly throw at them. They need to be fast, accurate and simple to use. Fortunately for us, that’s the approach Huawei has taken with Petal Search, even going the extra mile to develop a search engine that’s also widely accessible and customisable, making it the first app you should open when browsing the web.

One of the coolest parts of Petal Search is the implementation of Huawei’s advanced AI functionality. Petal Search offers users more ways to utilise their search engine through this technology, which makes looking for specific information easier and more efficient than ever. To illustrate the power of Huawei’s AI, Petal Search allows users to search using photos taken through the device’s camera or saved in their gallery. Even better, Huawei is already planning on future updates that will expand this functionality ever outwards to include item and object identification, meaning you’ll be able to just point your phone at a plant and it’ll give you a detailed breakdown of everything you’d need to know. Which is just super cool!

Petal Search also aims at making searching for information more ordered. Rather than displaying everything as plain links, Huawei’s search engine presents results like cards which is just a more visually distinct presentation you’d like to see in other apps. Petal Search also makes use of a series of channels to help users isolate important factors and search within the specific parameters. Petal Search will come with category channels such as news, shopping, travel, sports, local businesses, videos, music and images. Rather than using a generalised search engine, Petal Search is all about focus, encouraging users to optimise their searches with channels dedicated to highlighting relevant search terms and results.

One of the best parts of Petal Search is how Huawei is working with its partners to develop a search engine that feels personal and custom to the people using it. Petal Search has been designed to offer location-based and scenario-based results depending on the person who’s using the app. What this means is that if you’re looking for a specific product, Petal Search will only show you stores within your area rather than getting your hopes up for deals in the neighbouring province. These search results are then paired with user-based feedback such as recommendations and popular related products or locations. That’s just efficient searching, the attitude with which Huawei developed their search engine. 

Petal Search has just launched in over 20 countries around the world and is available in 170 different languages. You can find it on Huawei mobile devices and tablets and it’s completely free to download. Why are you wasting time on other search engines when Petal Search is already out there waiting for you? 

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