Fully qualified domain name?


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What is a fully qualified domain name?


Do you know about the fully qualified domain names? If you don’t know about this and you wanna know about this so first you should know about the domain name.

What is Domain Name?

As you know, there are many websites on Google, and each website has its own IP address which makes it easy to find that site. But the IP address (234.567.891.45) is like this number. And users cannot remember IP addresses so domain names are kept and each domain name is associated with its own IP address. So that people remember the domain easily and they do not have any problems searching websites on Google. And when we search for a domain name the domain name is associated with an IP address and when we search for the domain in the address bar they request for the IP address and that website is displayed in front of you

What is Fully Qualified Domain Name ?

A fully qualified domain name tells us its exact location. Host + Domain name is the definition of a fully qualified domain name. An example of a fully qualified domain name is www.gmail.com . We have fully qualified domain name examples. eg.

  • uidai.gov.in
  • du.ac.in
  • UNICEF.org

This is the easy way to understand the FQDN

One hostname + domain makes up a complete fully qualified domain name.

For users Conclusion for users

I think guys you must be well aware of FQDN and hope you have understood it well and you must have liked it.

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