What Is the Cost of the Gojek Clone App with There Upgraded Features of 2022


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In 2022, users will avoid installing a hundred different single-purpose apps unless it’s a social networking app. Smartphone users want to use their phone storage efficiently. Thus, leveraging the opportunity, white-labeling firms developed an on-demand Gojek Clone app. The on-demand multi-service app is a buzzword among entrepreneurs looking for quick and affordable business solutions. 

Yes! Developing a multi-service app like Gojek is affordable. Do you want to know its cost? Let’s explore it. 

Essentials of Gojek Clone App Development 

The Gojek-like on-demand app is an extraordinary platform that offers 82+ services. Moreover, it includes an entire assortment of advanced features. 

Multiple on-demand services 

There are eight major service categories available on the app. Here is a list of those services: 

  1. Online taxi booking services 
  2. On-demand services 
  3. On-demand delivery services 
  4. Online video consultation 
  5. Service bidding 
  6. Parcel delivery 
  7. Delivery Genie and Runner 
  8. On-demand medical services 

Advanced features 

To integrate futuristic features into your Gojek Clone app, you have to spend more (an affordable fee). The biggest benefit of making this one-time investment is that you will have a super-advanced multi-service app. Hence, an upper hand in the competition. 

Here’s the list of advanced features that you must integrate into the app. 

  • Taxi booking iWatch app: leverage the latest and famous gadget and provide your customers a convenient way to book a taxi ride. 
  • Book an appointment with doctors (Medical Services): The app allows users to book an appointment or service with a General Physician, Physiotherapist, Nurse, and Psychologist. 
  • Online video consultation service: allow your app users to consult with doctors on a video call so that they don’t have to get out of their homes. 
  • Blood/plasma delivery: let your app users order doorstep delivery of blood or plasma from nearby blood banks. The on-demand app has now made it easy for customers to order blood/plasma in case of medical emergencies. 
  • Call an ambulance: your customers can book an ambulance using the app. All they need to do is add the location and select the payment method! 

Cost of Developing Gojek-like App 

Coming to the cost of developing the Gojek-like app, let’s look at the different factors that decide its price. The mentioned factors are important for determining the price of the app development. 

  1. App complexity 

Adding additional levels of complex features, services, and technology tends to increase the cost of developing an on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone app. Therefore, ensure that you balance the app complexity and thus, the cost of app development. 

  1. App customization 

It is important to design an app that is appealing to attract more customers and convert leads.  However, when developing the app with a white-labeling firm the cost of customization is low, and sometimes, it’s free. 

  1. App upgrades 

Free app upgrades are available with the app package. However, remember that not all white-labeling firms offer free app upgrades. Thus, increasing the cost of multi-service app development. 

  1. Developer location

The app developer’s location also plays a crucial role in determining the app development cost. 

The cost of building a multi-service app from scratch costs at least $250,000. However, this cost reduces to only a fraction if the app is pre-built. In short, with a pre-built app like Gojek, you can save a huge amount of money on the development and maintenance of the app. Moreover, you get to integrate an entire assortment of the latest features into the app. 

Choose a Suitable White-labeling Firm

You must trust only a white-labeling firm when it comes to developing a Gojek Clone app. Moreover, the white-labeling firm must provide you with some robust reasons for your investment. Here’s what the white-labeling firm you choose must offer: 

  • The firm must have ten years of experience in the industry.
  • They must have launched over 1200 apps like Gojek. 
  • Their website must showcase the video testimonials of their clients. 
  • Lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no additional costs. 
  • Part-payment availability. 
  • Short delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks. 

Final Words

In conclusion, it is best recommended that you study the market in-depth before finalizing the purchase of the Gojek Clone app. Ensure that the cost of development is minimal. How will you confirm that? Well, go for a suitable ready-made Gojek Clone script.  

Make an informed purchase decision today by contacting white-labeling experts.

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