Waze Combines The Science Of Traffic With Astrology With Its Latest Update


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Waze is Google’s other traffic service, one that relies on its users updating the other folks using it. It’s also the weirder member of the family, prone to… unusual behaviour. If the service had made this announcement earlier in the month, we’d have thought it was a joke. The big new feature? Astrology.

But not in the way that you think. The new feature is called Zodiac and it does indeed involve astrology. But it’s not using pseudoscience to navigate you to your next destination, though a practical implementation of that would be hilarious.

Waze of seeing the future

Waze AstrologyInstead, users can select an astrological sign as a Mood and “embody your true colours on the road.” This means that it’ll use proper science and data to give you directions but intersperse those with a little bit of tailored woo.

“Our navigation guide is well-versed in astrology and knows how to get all types of personalities to their final destination — whether you’re a fiery Aries, a balanced Libra, an independent Aquarius, an ambitious Taurus, a spontaneous Gemini, an intuitive Cancer, a detail-oriented Virgo, an intense Capricorn, a whimsical Pisces, a dramatic Leo, a free-spirited Sagittarius or a loyal Scorpio.” See?

The feature is now available to American Waze users but it will roll out to everyone else in very short order. Here in South Africa, you’ll be able to customise your experience via the left-hand menu. Or you can head to the browser-based settings available here if you don’t want to fiddle with your phone. Don’t take the future predictions too seriously, though. There are a few driving certainties in South Africa — your drive will be bumpy and the traffic lights usually won’t work. Everything else is chance.

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