Vodacom is launching its Black Friday deals a little early


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Somehow, the year is already 84% complete which means Black Friday is around the corner. Vodacom is celebrating early by offering customers up to 75% off on certain deals every Friday for the month of November. Yes, that includes today, 4 November.

Vodacom’s ‘Black November’ deals include discounted mobile and fibre contracts, teach wearables, and contracts that come with consoles, routers, laptops, and accessories. The deals are refreshed each week, so if something catches your eye, don’t leave it too late.

Striking a deal

First is an exclusive deal for postpaid customers. When adding 30GB recurring anytime data bundle to a new contract, you’ll get 75% off — for a grand total of R175/m. Vodacom hasn’t forgotten prepaid customers either. “…Prepaid customers have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks.”

Perhaps the deal of the week is a home-internet LTE 1TB capped deal which includes a Nokia Fastmile Gateway 1 router. Usually, Vodacom would expect you to pay R850/m but for the week it’s going for R350p/m. The contract stretches 36 months which knocks off around R18,000 (59%) of the standard pricing.

That 1TB of data is split up into two sections – 500GB of anytime data, paired with 500GB of night owl data.

A cheaper, shorter contract for this deal is available too. For the same deal on a 24-month contract, you’ll pay R400. You might be willing to pay an extra R50/m for the pleasure of getting out of the contract a year earlier.

Still in the home-internet vein, you’ll find an uncapped 10Mbps LTE deal (36 months) that will set you back R300p/m. The deal includes an Alcatel HH72 router.

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Vodapaying a lot less

Plenty of the deals coming throughout the month will be exclusive to those customers using the VodaPay app. Certain deals will be time-limited, such as the current deal that offers 1GB of data for only R1. Other data deals are available on the Just4You deals page, with some offering 70% off.

More deals are available in-store, specifically at the Vodacom World store in Midrand. Deals on consoles, home appliances, TVs, and laptops will be available.

On Vodacom’s site, you’ll find more than 3,000 other deals listed for ‘Black November’ across its website. We’ll catch up with you next Friday, 11 November for Vodacom’s next batch of deals.

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