Vivo Patents Mouse With Touchpad; Borrows Design Elements From Microsoft Arc


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Vivo has steadily been expanding its product offering to include accessories like earbuds, headphones, power banks, and so on. From the looks of it, the popular Chinese manufacturer is working on new PC accessories. Reports suggest, the new Vivo Mouse design was recently patented and looks quite similar to the Microsoft Arc.

Vivo Patents Mouse With Touchpad: Details

Vivo Mouse Gets Patent

The new patent with the publication number CN306297489S was filed by Vivo Mobile Communications Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Vivo. As spotted by MyDrivers, the Vivo Mouse patent reveals the details of the design, including the sketches and views from various angles.

Going into the details, the top view of the Vivo Mouse reveals the scroll wheel on the front. It also includes the traditional left and right mouse buttons on either side of the scroll wheel. To make matters interesting, the mouse appears to have a large touchpad covering the rear half. Going by reports, this touchpad could offer touch-based functionalities or even multi-touch input.

The sketches reveal the basic mouse functionality and the other possible features with the touchscreen. At the same time, the sketch also highlights the bow-shaped design. Other angles of the Vivo Mouse reveal its sleek design. One can also clearly see the arched framework, representing the arc design that Microsoft is famous for.

Vivo Patents Mouse With Touchpad: Details

Vivo Mouse Vs Microsoft Arc

Sketches of the Vivo Mouse bear a strong resemblance to the Microsoft Arc. To note, the Microsoft Arc is another mouse with a similar bow-shaped design. When launched, the Arc mouse was applauded for its innovative design and portable features. One can even spot the similarity in the arch design between the two mice.

For now, the precise details about the Vivo Mouse is unclear. While the design aspects seem to borrow from the Microsoft Arc, the functionality seems to be largely different. Moreover, it’s also unclear when Vivo will be rolling out the new PC accessory. Vivo has been slowly widening its product offering like Xiaomi, and the Vivo Mouse could be one of the latest entrants here.

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