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Vivo today introduced OriginOS, the company’s latest Android skin, successor to Funtouch OS at its China event as it had promised. Vivo said that the company has designed it based on needs of users and is committed to matching users’ expectations offering the best experience in terms of design, smoothness, and convenience, and hopes to solve the problems faced by users in their digital lives through new system interaction solutions.

The OriginOS brings changes to the traditional desktop system, starting from the information level, and reshapes the information management method. It brings in a new desktop architecture system “Klotski grid” that rearranges the desktop elements to be more tidy and efficient than in the past. Under the new desktop system, in addition to icons, the “Nano Alerts” or small widgets display constantly updated info. The clock interface can show different textures and colors every minute or second to restore the inner logic of time. In addition, the Nano Alerts notifications also display only relevant core information for users in chronological order.

The “Nano Kits Library”  organize all the Nano components carefully and provide a variety of simple and convenient ways to retrieve them. In addition, dragging icons from the library and placing them in the application interface can quickly generate small windows to meet multitasking operations.

“Interaction pool” provides new ideas and possibilities for system interaction. From the gestures, the call-out position of the control center to the system navigation method, OriginOS can be combined and reproduced as long as the user is familiar with and likes the interaction method, and each combination will not cause operational confusion. The “Super Pocket” further simplifies the interaction process from the perspective of life. On the desktop, APP or lock screen interface, users can slide out their card pocket and use functions such as scan, payment code, and more.

The Sky Window brings real world wallapers to the deskop. For example the various weather phenomena are shown in the dynamic wallpaper that changes with time. The shape, size and density of a cloud layer are simulated and sampled thousands of different regions. Even the moving speed of the clouds will have different look due to the magnitude of the wind.

The Time Window will integrate the wallpaper you choose into different scenes, and then superimpose changing light and shadow effects. The behavior wallpaper will interact with the user’s actual behavior.  Interaction in the behavior wallpaper offers a wonderful connection between the physical world and the digital world, says vivo. With Behaviour Icon, the icon changes in real time with changes of nature such as cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The company said that the OriginOS redefines the concept of “smooth” and changes the previous perception that “fast is smooth”. The new animations and feedback in OriginOS are more in line with the laws of nature, and can understand the ideas and needs of users. The multi-pronged approach of vision, time and smooth perception makes the operating experience of mobile phones more realistic and natural, according to the  company.

Vivo will reveal the OriginOS roll out details for its devices in a special session at vivoDeveloper Conference tomorrow in China.


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