Vip Vip, Hooray!: Flitzeritis and Liebesaus with Stefano Zarrella


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An embarrassing politician’s grandson who catapults himself out, the separation of Stefano Zarrella and his Romina and a “Let’s Dance” professional dancer who gets naked: Here comes the news of the week from the cosmos of celebrities and those who are think so.

In this Internet, which is becoming more and more suspicious to me, I ask people every week which celebrity topic interests them the most, touches them or excites them so much that the jackknife opens up in their trouser pocket. The celebrity community keeps me well informed. Because: I can’t keep up with all these new celebrities! I think they were all made with ChatGPT.

You know, dear readers, I’m getting old. I hardly know most of the starlets that are currently very popular. Who are these people, I ask myself now regularly. What distinguishes them? Which of your talents made you famous? And then you hear answers like this: “That’s the one who sat naked and drunk next to Monika on the swing!” Ahsoooo! Yes, man, that’s it! Of course you have to know it! Just like the beautiful 19-year-old, who insists on being proud of her fox fur because fake fur has no place on her delicate skin. Heidewitzka, society is becoming idiotic!

Recently I was asked if I could write something about Henrik Stoltenberg. This is such an embarrassing politician grandson who shows in a fabulous way that in the long run it is not good to find every Instagram influencer who has a certain reach interesting for the telly. Henrik Stoltenberg is not, as you might assume, related to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, no, he is a nutrition coach and became known through his participation in one of the so-called bang formats. So much so that he climbed onto a horse naked and wanted to open a school for influencers. You don’t learn respect there or read a book – including etiquette, if you like – no: you learn how to become as famous as Henrik Stoltenberg.

“I won’t show my ID!”

There have always been enough celebrities whose celebrity has gone to their heads and regularly paralyzes the hard drive in the upper room. And so it doesn’t seem to be a problem for our Henrik to blare Nazi slogans out of the window and to have to answer in court for attempted coercion, bodily harm and fraud. The 26-year-old’s latest derailment: He is said to have bitten a woman. Multiple.

What you’re hearing more and more about wannabe celebs is their outrage. Just recently, tabloid media reported that Nicolas Puschmann, who dragged an innocent man into court accusing homophobia, was not amused that he was not recognized on the street. After all, he was – Nicolas Puschmann! Stoltenberg also gave the same verbal streak. According to a police officer, after his Nazi sloganeering, he refused to show his ID: “He told us that you have to know him and that’s why he doesn’t need to show his ID.” Hello, dear world, please take note of me! Everyone must know my name! I once walked through the picture in some trash format and posed naked on a poor horse! Well, Hallelujah!

As you can see, dear readers, this parallel universe fascinates me. But it could also be a state of shock. I really, really, really want to engage with the big stars, but unfortunately a Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht not visiting his daughter is holding me back. Or reality starlets who get upset about how a woman, and a mother at that, can dare to look for a new partner on TV.

“Stefano Zarrella and his Romina”

During the lunch break, a friend asks me if I’ve seen the third episode of “Prominent Separated”. That is THE topic at the moment. And a reader wants to know if I noticed that “Stefano Zarrella and his Romina” are no longer a couple. help who? I only know Giovanni Zarrella. He used to be with “Bro’Sis” and now sings Schlager. He also probably inherited Carmen Nebel’s show. Hello?! That must be enough Zarrella information!

It’s a dilemma! Soon I will lose this column because I walk through this new celebrity cosmos shaking my head and simply refuse to want to know who Gloria or Melanie Thiele is. I know Stefan Mross for that. Can this be acknowledged please?

Here is compressed news from real celebrities that caused a lot of conversation in the canteens this week: bold paparazzi approached the US actor Bruce Willis, who was suffering from dementia, Sarah Ferguson misses the deceased Queen and Bushido’s wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi was at the phlebologist . Also: professional dancer Patricija Ionel has peeled off for “Playboy” and Yeliz Koc is finally enjoying love again. Until next week! And please don’t forget to watch “Let’s Dance” again on Friday evening, where our magical Anna Ermakova is guaranteed to burn the parquet floor again.

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