Video game company: “Angry Birds” developer is sold


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Status: 04/17/2023 1:43 p.m

The Finnish company Rovio is known for one of the most successful mobile games of all time. Now a Japanese video game company wants to take over the developers of “Angry Birds”.

The Japanese video game company Sega Sammy wants to take over the developer company behind the well-known smartphone game “Angry Birds”. The purchase offer made public today values ​​the Finnish company Rovio at around 706 million euros. Company boss Alexandre Pelletier-Normand recommended that shareholders approve the offer.

From the smartphone to the cinema

Rovio was founded in 2003. With the game “Angry Birds” she achieved worldwide success. The company then found it difficult to follow up with new games. The Angry Birds business, released in 2009, still accounts for the majority of Rovio’s sales today.

The game was among the first to make successful use of touchscreen controls: the player uses finger movements to shoot colorful birds from a catapult at pigs who want to steal eggs. Rovio has since released several sequels to the game, including a variant for Virtual-Reality-Brillen. The Finnish developer even brought “Angry Birds” to the big screen.

Not the first prospective buyer

Sega is best known for its video game characters like Sonic. The company has stepped up efforts to enter the smartphone gaming space in recent years. Sega Sammy was formed around two decades ago through the merger of Sega and slot machine provider Sammy.

The company isn’t the first prospective buyer of Rovio. A takeover bid by the Israeli company Playtika was announced at the beginning of the year. Rovio refused. Sega is now offering 9.25 euros per Rovio share. As a result, the price rose temporarily by around 18 percent to EUR 9.15 this morning.

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