Upgrade Your Home Cleaning Game with Samsung’s Bespoke Jet & Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


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Samsung’s luxury vacuum cleaners, the Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum and the Robotic Jet Bot+, have been released in India. With this lineup, Samsung makes an entry into the robotic vacuum cleaner segment in India. The new line, made specifically for contemporary living rooms, features a Multi-layered Filtration technology that eliminates 99.999% of dust particles.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum Cleaners: Features and Specifications

Samsung’s Bespoke home appliance line, which includes refrigerators and microwaves, now includes ultra-chic vacuum cleaners. The Bespoke concept prioritizes stunning design and individual expression, with each appliance reflecting the aesthetic preferences and elements of its user’s identity.

Samsung Unveils Bespoke Jet & Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

With an innovative design that includes the All-in-One Clean Station for automatic dustbin emptying, Samsung’s Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner range provides a seamless and hygienic cleaning experience.

With the Bespoke Jet and Jet Bot+ vacuum cleaners, Samsung’s advanced technologies enable powerful cleaning. Suction power can be increased to 210W for the Bespoke Jet and 2500pa for the Jet Bot+, thanks to the Digital Inverter Motor.

The Intelligent Power Control feature of the Jet Bot+ can identify the type of surface it needs to clean and adjust its suction power accordingly. The Bespoke Jet Series has a long-lasting battery that can run up to 2 hours and incorporates the first-ever All-in-One Clean Station design.

The Bespoke Jet Series is a compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner with several advanced features. It has an integrated digital display that allows users to monitor the cleaning process and keep track of important information such as suction power, maintenance, and error guides. Additionally, its telescopic pipe makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas, while the fully washable dustbin ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

Samsung Unveils Bespoke Jet & Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

The All-in-One Clean Station is another innovative feature of the Bespoke Jet Series. This automatic cleaning station parks, charges, and cleans the vacuum cleaner, making the cleaning process hassle-free and effortless. The digital display provides users with real-time updates on the charging levels, running time, and suction power, enabling them to plan their cleaning schedules better.

With a powerful 210W suction capability, the Bespoke Jet range is available in two variants – Bespoke Jet Pro Extra and Bespoke Jet Pet, in Midnight Blue and Woody Green colors respectively. Equipped with a more enhanced Digital Inverter Motor, the Bespoke Jet range promises better cleaning that is also easy.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot+: Features and Specifications

The Robotic Jet Bot+, Samsung’s first robotic vacuum cleaner, has been launched in India, showcasing cutting-edge innovations to optimize home cleaning routines. The Robotic Jet Bot+ features SmartThings app-based connectivity and control, voice recognition, and LiDAR sensor-based navigation technology.

Samsung Unveils Bespoke Jet & Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

It also includes the All-in-One Clean Station, which empties the dustbin and charges the vacuum cleaner automatically. To ensure clean air is released, the Bespoke JetTM Series also includes an All-in-One Clean Station and a 99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System.

The Jet Bot+ navigation technology is based on LiDAR sensors that track its location accurately to cover more of a user’s home. Users can remotely control and monitor the Robotic Jet Bot+ via the SmartThings app, schedule selective cleaning, and define virtual No-Go Zones.

The Live Cleaning Report feature allows users to track the vacuum’s movement and cleaning history in real-time, pausing or instructing it to stop cleaning as needed.

The smart robot also has voice recognition capabilities for Bixby, Alexa, and Google Home, allowing users to use voice commands to schedule cleaning sessions, change modes, or even request current information such as news or weather updates.

Pricing and Availability

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Vacuum Cleaner range includes the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra (Vacuum + Mop) priced at ₹89,900, Bespoke Jet Pet (Vacuum) at ₹79,900 and Jet Bot+ at ₹65,900. The new lineup will be available on Samsung.com, Samsung Exclusive Stores, the Samsung Shop App, and Amazon.

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