Unity or Unity3D Best Practices and Tricks by Toptal Developers


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If you have ever been fascinated by those AAA-rated games, you might have wondered, how in the world are these games made. Well, if you did and search the web about it the first thing you might get introduced to might have been something called a game development engine.

Every beginner game developer seems to be confused about what the game development engine is and most importantly which one to get started with. So a game engine also known as game architecture/framework is a software development environment for creating games. It comes with all the required tools that the developer would need to create a game. Now, there are a lot of game engines in the market for both 2D games and 3D games as well such as Unity, GameMaker, Godot, Unreal Engine4, etc. The difficult task here is to choose the right game engine for yourself as they utilize different languages for creating object functionality and also have different user interfaces.

Unity or Unity3D Best Practices and Tricks by Toptal Developers

Well, if you are a beginner and knows the basic of C# then we would recommend going with Unity as this is not only one of the best gaming engines in the market but also one of the most versatile and effective game engines. However, if you are someone who wants to create AAA-rated games in minimum time then believe us getting started with learning game development is not the right option for you, rather we would recommend you hire unity game developer that can do this task for you. Keep in mind game development is not easy as it may seem from the surface and even professionals need to work exponentially hard for creating a decent game. If you are a beginner and want to know about the best practices and tricks then check out this Unity or Unity 3D best practices and tricks by toptal developers.

Scaling Objects 

One of the major mistakes that every beginner game developer makes is to scaling objects individually on the go. Now, this can cause major problems in the near future as you are estimating the size of objects. For instance, you might run into problems like animation does not always scale correctly, etc. Believe scaling gets more and more difficult as you add new objects to the table and its even worse when you are working with 3D games. So, make sure that you plan your object scaling before you get started with your game development.

Keep Test Scenes and Code Separately 

Now not every developer does it, but it’s always better to keep your test scenes and code separately as it will get difficult o to remove temporary assets from the project when it’s finished.

Maintain The Same Unity Version Across All Systems 

If you are doing a group project (“Which generally is the case with game development “), then we would recommend you keep your unity version across all the systems the same as sometimes links get lost causing hassle with your development process.

Code In Namespace 

Putting your code here and there can cause conflicts between your libraries and third-party codes. So, it’s always recommended putting your code in the namespace to avoid these classes as they are really difficult to debug. Well if you can’t do it due to some reason then keep in mind not to use Object, Action, Even keywords for your class name as these are generally reserved.

Use A Material Pool 

Now a lot of code is repeated when you are developing a game and especially the code that generated material objects for you. So, it’s a common practice among developers to create and use a material pool that saves a lot of time and work. Consider this material pool as your magic bag that could generate certain objects for you any number of times without writing a single line code. Now, it’s important that you realize what type of material needs to be put into the material pool as the object which gets created and destroyed again and again during the game might create a leak in this pool, causing you unnecessary trouble as unity generates a new instance for such objects every time.

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