Ukraine war: “Then the Donbass front collapses and the war is over”


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WELT: Mr. Keupp, how fierce is the power struggle in Moscow?

purchase: In the Russian system there has to be one figure who rules everything; Called “Nachalnik” in Russian, literally translated boss or chief. As soon as even the slightest doubt arises that the “Nachalnik” is no longer the “Nachalnik”, the knife is sharpened immediately. It’s an ancient theme that runs through all of Russian history. And whenever there have been such upheavals in Russian history, they have been rapid and violent. It may well be that Wagner boss Prigozhin is speculating or working towards something like this.

WELT: Some time ago you made a prediction about the end of the war. Namely that Russia will have lost the war in October. Can you explain your calculation for the forecast?

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