Twitter update: Blue returns to Android devices, third-party apps banned


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Twitter’s paid-for premium subscription Blue returns to Android devices a month following its reappearance on iPhones. While it remains $8/m (R140/m) for web users, Android subscribers will have to pay the same price of $11/m (R190/m) as iOS users.

This is, supposedly, to offset the commission fees that the respective app stores charge and totally isn’t just so Musk can regain his position as ‘World’s Most Overvalued Person’ after losing an estimated $200 billion towards the end of last year.

More money for Musk Twitter

Before you get excited at the prospect of a little blue ‘verified’ checkmark next to your handle, the service is still limited to users in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Luckily for those folks, Blue’s feature list has grown slightly since it first launched.

Together with their flashy-but-meaningless checkmark, Blue subscribers can edit their tweets, undo a sent tweet within a short period, upload longer 1080p videos, and have access to a ‘reader mode’ for long threads.

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There are supposedly more features in the pipeline for subscribers, like not seeing as many ads as non-paying users and tweet prioritisation. But the platform’s help page points out that “Twitter Blue features may change periodically/from time to time as we keep improving the service.”

In other news, after the bird company seemingly blocked third-party app developers from accessing its API (application programming interface) on Friday 13 January, it quietly updated its Developer Agreement page, first spotted by Engadget, to include a phrase that bans third-party clients.  No more ad-less Twitterific or Fenix apps for you.

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