Twitter seems to be working on a new long-form feature called Articles (or Notes)


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Twitter is apparently working on a new feature that will allow tweeters to post Twitter Articles. Remember the days of 140 characters? Yeah, they’d be long gone. This update could permit long-form posts within the app, unencumbered by Twitter’s current 280-character limit.

So far, you have had ‘enough’ characters to get your message across, but we guess everything has to chance some time. Twitter Articles was first seen by Jane Manchun Wong. Wong has an excellent track record of spotting new features earlier than basically everyone else.

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The feature is still in the works, Wong’s examination shows a fair bit about what the Article can do. It’s possible to add header images, images, GIF (singular), and video (also singular) to posts. Up to four standard images (much like standard Twitter) and even tweets can be placed into an Article. Text may also be formatted. So it’s WordPress, but for Twitter. Great.

Wong found another interesting part of the long-form addition. Users can set Twitter Article’s composer to Focus Mode. When toggled, the composer expands to full-screen and Twitter’s sidebars disappear. Sounds like every other Focus Mode to us.

Wong also notes that Twitter Article may not be the final name for the feature. In places, it is referred to as Notes. As Wong (and others) point out, that sounds very similar to Facebook Notes, another long-form social media post feature. Hey, if Facebook can do it to everyone, Twitter should be allowed to ‘borrow’ features too.

If Twitter makes this feature public, it could prove a useful tool for bloggers, creators, and writers to do their thing. Even if it doesn’t turn up, Twitter has a lot of reported features in the works right now. Twitter Circle and a Twitter edit button are on the way, and there are likely other tweaks and changes in store for the coming months.

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