Twitter Blue Officially Launches In South Africa For Up To R2,400 Per Year


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For the fools willing to contribute to Elon Musk’s power trip, now you can! Twitter Blue is officially available in South Africa. And judging by the cost, Musk is looking to recoup his entire $44 billion Twitter spend in South Africa alone. For only R2,400 per year, you too can have a blue checkmark next to your name. A steal, right?

Ok, it’s not all bad. That R2,400/year price we mentioned is only for people subscribing through Twitter’s smartphone app. The web version is currently priced at R145/m or R1,520 for a yearly subscription (save 12%!). Smartphone users aren’t devoid of a discount either, with a yearly subscription costing R2,100, rather than R2,400.

We’d certainly advise future Blue subscribers to use the web version and save a fair bit of cash. Though if you’re already itching to get your hands on Blue, financial advice probably isn’t something you adhere to very often.

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Twitter Blue South Africa

Besides the blue checkmark, the subscription does offer access to a fair few features that regular Twitter folk cannot access. The only trouble is; half of them are still listed as ‘coming soon’. Content prioritisation? Coming soon. 50% fewer ads? Coming soon. Don’t fret, game-changing NFT profile pictures are live for all Blue subscribers.

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Alongside adding NFT profile pictures, Blue customers can; edit tweets, use 4,000 characters (in a single tweet), upload longer (and 1080p) videos, and get early access to upcoming features. Unless the features you’re looking to try early are content prioritisation and 50% fewer ads. Let’s not forget to mention Blue’s other premium features, including “Reader, custom navigation, Bookmark Folders, Top Articles, and more.”

If sarcasm wasn’t enough to sway you away from Twitter, nothing can. Future Blue customers can save some money by signing up here, or through Twitter’s sidebar in the official app on Android and iOS.

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