Trump trial in Miami: Police are also preparing for the “worst”.


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Trump trial in Miami
Police are also preparing for the “worst”.

In Miami there are concerns about riots by his supporters because of the process in the secret documents affair surrounding Donald Trump. The police say they are prepared. Meanwhile, the ex-president is heating up the mood on social networks – again.

The city of Miami is preparing for the court date of former US President Donald Trump with a large security presence. “We take this event very seriously. We know things could take a turn for the worst, but that’s not Miami’s way,” Police Commissioner Manny Morales said at a news conference. He emphasized that the security forces are ready and can ensure that the situation does not escalate. “We have experience dealing with large demonstrations, this is the city of Miami,” Morales said. There are enough resources for a crowd of up to 50,000 demonstrators.

“We are prepared for a variety of different sized crowds,” Mayor Francis Suarez said. During the protests after the violent killing of African American George Floyd, tens of thousands were out and about in the city and the emergency services were prepared. Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020 in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis triggered demonstrations against racism and police violence in the United States. “We have the right plan of action and the right resources in the right place to ensure there are no incidents,” Suarez said.

Trump rabbles against special counsel

Pro-Trump protests have already been called for on social networks. The 76-year-old himself also spoke up on his Truth Social platform. There he railed against “communists”, “Marxists” and “radical leftists” who were allegedly systematically destroying the United States. “We have to be strong and defeat them,” says one post. The ex-president also called Jack Smith, the special counsel leading the investigation into the secret documents, a “mentally deranged psycho”.

The first Trump supporters have already protested in front of the Miami courthouse.

(Foto: picture alliance/dpa/AP)

Trump has been charged in the affair over secret government documents. He has his court date in Miami on Tuesday, at which the indictment is expected to be read. The Republican politician, who would like to run again in the presidential election in 2024, landed at the city’s airport on Monday afternoon (local time). He is accused of, among other things, a conspiracy to obstruct the investigation and the illegal storage of highly sensitive information. It is the first time a federal indictment has been filed against a former US President. Trump denies the allegations against him.

Former Attorney General William Barr recently told Fox News that if even half of the allegations are true, it would be the political end of the ex-president. He also reacted to this with a mob attack on Truth Social: He called Barr a “cowardly pig”.

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