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Trending Technology in 2020

The year 2020 brings in a myriad of game-changing technologies that can play a vital role in our way of life and are instrumental in making drastic changes. So, to help you provide a better insight into the technologies, we have assembled a list of trending technologies in 2020.

The technologies are emerging, evolving, and even dying for ages, but from the outset of 2020, the evolution and application have been faster than light. On the contrary, some technologies making the mark are getting outdated even before a successful implementation in many cases. Hence, the businesses need to adopt such things quickly else the scenario will be like the business Goliath Nokia, and they will stay with bygone memoirs.  

List Of 5 Trending Technologies in 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence -

Artificial Intelligence features at the top of our list for all the right reasons, and it deserves the place due to its multi-facet features and usability. AI is an exceptional combination of technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. 

AI makes it easier for the machines to fine-tune new ideas, learn from experience, and act akin to a human. Today Artificial Intelligence is in every sphere of our life; for this reason, most universities focus on bringing in the trending concepts into the Computer Science & Engineering program. 

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AI can optimize your server operations, boost personalization, and provide the much-needed strength to cybersecurity. Remember, AI is more than you see in those Hollywood movies; it complements human abilities and plays a crucial part in a smart search system and decision support system. Simply put, AI is in the healthcare domain, education, retail, and everywhere you can think of. 

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)


Familiar with Pokémon Go and Google Cardboard, right? These are related to the terms like AR & VR or say Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. VR substitutes the real world and takes you to a virtual or fictional world, whereas in AR, you can sense the real-world while correlating with the virtual objects. 

Both technologies have already made their mark and have the potential to change the usage of computer and visual experience in the coming future. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing - techbuzzpro

Edge Computing is the future of managing software and handling & analyzing data. It is nothing but a networking philosophy that brings in computing and the data source altogether with an aim to minimize inactivity time and excessive usage of bandwidth.

The neonate in the technology field aims to employ minimal processes in the cloud and abate the long-distance communications between the client and server. Edge computing can do wonders for the advanced level security system, IoT devices, and self-driving cars. Edge computing focuses more on IoT to provide a new-age experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things -

Internet of Things (IoT) brings an unambiguous interaction between machines and humans. By connecting the independent devices, IoT is quite significant in enhancing the efficiency of various operations and minimizing human error. 

Besides this, IoT is also instrumental in providing digital space and help in connecting everyday stuff like home appliances, vehicles, and thermostats with the internet for seamless communication. Smart security systems, wearable health monitors, and biometric cybersecurity scanners are the perfect examples of IoT. 


Blockchain -

Without a doubt, Blockchain is a buzzword for many, and Blockchain is not about Bitcoin at all. It is primarily a digital distribution archive that maintains all the money transaction records with immense transparency and security. 

In the coming days, Blockchain technology will completely transform the global business process for sure. It is instrumental in safeguarding payment procedures and enhancing efficiency as well. 

Blockchain technology is all about the chain of blocks where the blocks signify the digital information, and the chain indicates the public database. It is decentralized, highly secure, and generates systematic actions & events, so there is no sign of human error. 

The technologies mentioned above are in the trend, and they are emerging and evolving at Infinitum. Moreover, all of them flaunt a promising career and a foreseeable prospect for sure. So, technologies are always good if you know the right way to implement and exercise. 

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