Tornado in Saarland?: Heavy storm rages over southwest Germany


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Tornado in Saarland?
Heavy storm rages over southwest Germany

After severe storms in France, a storm front is moving east across southwest Germany. A severe storm damaged around 30 houses in Saarland. In Baden-Württemberg, several trees fall and there are several injured in traffic accidents.

Foothills of a storm front coming from France moved to Baden-Württemberg and Saarland in the evening. “We have a major storm in the southern area, in the Weil and Lörrach area,” said a police spokesman in Freiburg. There are a large number of operations because of fallen trees. A tornado could have caused serious damage in Saarland.

A storm damaged around 30 houses in Asweiler in the Saarland district of Freisen. Nobody got hurt. The wind raged in a swath of about 100 meters, reported a spokesman for the situation center in Saarbrücken. A large contingent of fire brigade, THW and police was on site. The Saarland Interior Minister Reinhold Jost from the SPD announced in the evening that the roof structure of two buildings had been completely torn down. “Fortunately, no one was injured in the storm in Asweiler in the early evening. The damage caused us to fear worse,” said the Minister of the Interior. The population was taken care of in the village community center. It is still unclear whether it was a tornado.

In the Lake Constance region, extreme storms of the highest warning level 4 were warned around 11 p.m. A police spokesman in Ravensburg said in the evening that the operational situation was not manageable because emergency calls were constantly being received. No injuries were initially reported. Many trees were snapped and roofs were taken off. A very severe thunderstorm was active, especially in Sigmaringen, Ravensburg and in the Lake Constance district. In the region around Reutlingen, too, the police and fire brigade had to go on numerous missions. “Things are really going well for us,” reported a police officer in Reutlingen. There are several traffic accidents with injuries due to the severe storm.

In the meantime, the German Weather Service (DWD) has given the all-clear for Baden-Württemberg – the thunderstorms should continue towards Bavaria during the night. According to the DWD, there were hurricane gusts and hurricane-like gusts between the Danube and Lake Constance regions. There were also heavy gusts of wind in Freiburg. In some places hail fell two centimeters in diameter. The heavy thunderstorms should move from the Allgäu in the direction of Bavaria and the city of Munich.

In Bavaria, the storm front resulted in countless fallen trees and traffic disruptions, but no one seems to have been injured so far. Police departments in the affected area said no major wind damage had occurred by midnight. “‘A fallen tree’ is currently the standard sentence I hear,” said a spokesman for the Augsburg police. Scaffolding had fallen over in Augsburg. People in danger or even injured have not yet been reported.

Experts recommend keeping windows and doors closed, securing outdoor items, and keeping your distance from buildings, trees, scaffolding, and high-voltage power lines. People should stay as little as possible outdoors.

There were already severe storms in eastern France today. The ceiling of a supermarket collapsed in Dijon, 30 trees were uprooted in Vichy and residents from various parts of the region shared photos of large hailstones falling with the storm gusts, broadcaster BFMTV and newspaper Le Parisien reported. People were initially not harmed. The French railways announced in advance that they would stop train services on numerous routes in the border region to Baden-Württemberg.

Storm gusts with a speed of over 100 kilometers per hour were recorded in Dijon and Mulhouse. A severe weather warning was issued for 26 departments, for five of which the warning level was red.

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