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Are you a first-time blogger? We’ll go over 16 blogging strategies in this post to help you start a successful blog.

Starting a blog entails several steps. There are so many processes that it may be intimidating for newcomers. And if you skip a crucial stage, your blog’s future success may be jeopardized.

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But don’t be concerned!

With 16 beginning blogging advice, we’ve got you covered. We’ll go through everything from establishing a website to writing blog articles to email marketing in this piece.

Because this is a long piece, I’ve created a table of topics to help you navigate the many sorts of blogging tips and tricks:


Ready? Let’s get started!


The First Steps


Check out these suggestions for blog planning before you start constructing a website right away.


1. Do some homework

Before you start blogging, like with many other new activities in your life, you’ll want to conduct some research to understand a bit more about it.

You may find a plethora of blogging-related articles, blogging-training on the internet. However, we believe that after reading this page as well as our piece on how to create a blog, you will have all of the knowledge you require to begin your blog.


2. Decide why you’d like to start a blog.

Determine why you want to create a blog in the first place before you begin.

If you wish to establish a blog, follow these steps:

  • Is it only for fun?
  • To share your thoughts on a certain subject?
  • To add material to your website and advertise an existing business?
  • Are you looking for a way to supplement your income by working online?
  • to assist others?
  • Do you want to establish a company?

For your blog, write a brief “why” statement. Writing a “why” statement will assist you in determining your primary objective and in making better decisions for your blog in the future.


3. Choose a blog niche

The next step is to choose a topic for your blog. A blog niche is a topic that you write about on your blog.

Choosing a blog specialty can help you focus your material on a single topic. This will also assist you in attracting a devoted readership.

The Cup of Life, for example, is devoted entirely to tea.

They may easily acquire devoted followers who are interested in all things tea by sticking to a blog specialty. Tea enthusiasts will be more drawn to a blog dedicated just to tea and will read all of its postings rather than a site that covers a variety of topics.


4. Have a Strong Interest in Your Field


Remember to choose a niche that you are enthusiastic about rather than one that you believe would be successful.

Writing blog articles will be more pleasant if you are passionate about what you are writing about. Furthermore, your readers will be able to sense your enthusiasm in your writing, which will increase their likelihood of enjoying your blog and trusting your ideas and recommendations.


5. Determine your objectives


Many people start blogging only for enjoyment, therefore they don’t need to establish any objectives. However, you should set objectives if you want to generate money from your blog or transform it into a full-time company.

Determine your objectives

Setting objectives will keep you on track and allow you to track your progress more easily. Begin with simple goals, and when you achieve them, you may go on to greater ones.


You may define objectives such as how many page views you want, how many subscribers you want, or how much money you want to make.


6. Choose the Ideal Blog Name


Take your time to come up with the ideal name for your blog. Because your blog name is typically the first thing people see, it must pique their interest if you want them to visit your site.

To help you come up with a suitable blog name, you may utilize Blog Tyrant’s Free Domain Generator.


Enter one or two keywords, and the program will generate a slew of blog name suggestions. You may also use the service to acquire a free domain name from Bluehost by using the tool.


7. Decide on the Best Blogging Platform


You must select the proper blogging platform from the start if you want to be successful. To save money, many new bloggers are tempted to utilize free blogging platforms like or

However, we do not advise utilizing free blogging sites. You don’t have complete control over your site when you use a free blogging platform, your customization options are restricted, and you can’t generate money from your blog.

As a result, we propose starting a blog with is the world’s most popular blogging platform; it’s simple to use, has unlimited customization possibilities, and allows you to monetize your site.

You may quickly build any sort of blog using It’s also free to use; all you have to pay for is blog hosting.


8. Familiarize yourself with the differences between and

You may have noted that we mentioned and in the preceding section.

Many new bloggers mix up the two platforms, so be sure you understand the differences.

To understand more about each platform and why is the superior choice, see our piece on vs.


9. Select the Most Effective Blog Hosting Service is a free blogging platform. However, you’ll need a blog hosting service to get your blog up and running on the internet.

Bluehost is a service that we endorse. It is the most user-friendly and trustworthy web hosting service available. It’s also WordPress-approved and includes 1-click WordPress installation, so you can have your WordPress blog up and running quickly.


10. Write every day:


Writing is a habit that you may develop over time. Google also favors new material. Keeping your blog up to date is usually a smart idea.


If you have a hectic schedule, you should use the post scheduling function or at the very least keep a regular posting schedule. It might be difficult to keep a consistent posting schedule at times; in these instances, you can employ a content writer or a full-time writer to assist you.


11. Create websites that are focused on a certain niche:


When we first start writing, one of the most typical mistakes we make is attempting to cover a variety of topics. I attempted covering Tech, Blogging, and World News when I first began ShoutMeLoud, which was a bad idea.

Since we’ve been covering articles about how to blog, the bounce rate has decreased and page visits have increased. Having a specialty blog can help you attract more focused followers.


12. Avoid grammatical errors:


It doesn’t matter why you’re writing; you can’t afford to make grammatical errors. It provides a poor user experience and is also detrimental to onsite SEO.


Readability and grammar are two of the numerous indications that the Eve search engine evaluates when evaluating websites. You can begin practicing and learning English if you are from a nation where English is not the first language.


13. Don’t be afraid to connect to other sites:


When I first started blogging, I didn’t connect to other websites where I found information. I used to believe that when my blog’s bounce rate increased, visitors would go to other blogs.


This is not the case, as including links improves the trustworthiness of your content and also aids SEO. If you’re concerned about bounce rate, I recommend opening external links in a new tab.


14. Do not plagiarise the content:


When we first start writing, we tend to read other blogs and occasionally duplicate or entirely rewrite things from them. Keep in mind that nothing you do will go unnoticed. So, instead of plagiarizing someone else’s work, make your own.

15. Check your blog in several browsers:

Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and iPhone Safari are just a few of the most popular browsers, and there’s no way you’ll forget about any of them. Make sure your blog works in all browsers and that your design CSS is cross-browser compatible.

16. Be Sincere

“Be the world’s change you wish to see.” Mahatma Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi)

How often do you encounter people who deceive you or others? Isn’t it simple to identify these falsehoods after a while?

Blogging, on the other hand, is a tool that allows you to express yourself to the rest of the world. It might be text, video, audio, or any other type of media.

The point is, when you’re truthful, your reach expands. Individuals admire and appreciate honest people, and they will regard you much more if you are honest.

Being truthful enhances your thinking and communicating abilities by making you more compassionate. Even if you’ve lied in the past, you should put it behind you.


It’s not for our family, friends, or anybody else that weblog; it’s just for us.

We write because it gives us a platform to connect with like-minded people from all over the world.

Stay true to yourself the next time you generate fresh material. Staying true to yourself will not make your post uninteresting; rather, it will make it more engaging and, most importantly, genuine.


Being truthful begins with not lying to yourself.


For example, if you tell yourself that you will get up when your alarm goes off in the morning, you will. There will be no additional 5 or 10 minutes of sleep. If you claim you’ll get anything done, you’ll have to follow through.


This is the cornerstone of being a better person.



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