Tips To Enhance The Battery Life Of Your iPhone

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Does your iPhone break down in the middle of an important conversation or while working on a crucial application? Well, if it does, then maybe it’s time that you must think about the battery life.

iPhone comes with a lithium-ion battery which might degrade over subsequent recharge intervals. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer has stated that there is twenty percent decrement in the battery endurance over four hundred recharge episodes. It is not only the recharge that is completely responsible for the degraded performance but there is quite a lot included for the same.

You can increase your iPhone battery durability and performance by avoiding specific things and by including some others. Following the tips and suggestions listed below will help the battery with performance and longevity as its efficient best.

Find Out Your Battery’s Comfort In Varying Temperature

Ideally, an iPhone battery works well between zero to thirty-five degree Celsius and room temperature that is twenty-two degree Celsius which is seventy-two degree Fahrenheit. Hence, you make take certain care that your phone is not placed in a hotter place as exposure to such conditions might result in a sudden decline in the performance or battery endurance.

Use The Background Processes When Needed

Keyboard clicks, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared, etc are some of the background processes that gulps significant voltage. So, you must be specifically concerned about their prudent usage. Try to disable them when you don’t need their usage.

Pay Attention To The Screen Brightness

You only need to brighten up your screen while working in the night. But, you can easily use the device with some reduced brightness in the night time too. Also, try to reduce the intensity or you can also enable the auto setting feature to reduce and adjust the screen brightness according to the prevalent lighting conditions.

 Switch Off The Music Equalizer And Keyboard Clicks

If you can’t do without the constant audio support of the keyboard clicks, then try to switch off them as this feature can consume a large amount of voltage. Same applies to the enabled music equalizer, though It assures enhanced sound quality, it also consumes up your battery power to drain. So try to use less and keep them disabled when you don’t use them.

Turn Off The Location-Based Services

You also have to turn – off location-based service. This can also be the culprit to consume a major chunk of battery voltage. Turning this off will make sure that the majority of your battery power is saved.

Look Out For Software Updates

It is advisable to keep your eyes peeled for regular software updates that come as a notification. This is important to keep up with the battery power fixed. Check for software updates from your device without having to link with iTunes.

Turn Off Vibrate

This is basically one but remembers they can also eat up your battery power. You know those little buzzers are triggered with the help of motors.  And while they are small, anything needing motion is going to drink up a bit of juice.  Turn off the vibration option in the setting.

Stop The Icloud

The stuff that you can back up is one of the ways that Apple has silently changed over a couple of years. You know everything you have ever seen or considered being logged on iCloud. It means all your backup stuff are safe even when your phone has fallen into a swimming pool and that is really awesome. But it can also consume your battery life. The uploading data! You can pick the app to get iCloud access in the setting options.

Clean The Junk Files

If your device is running too slow and your storage space is full. Try to clear it to use a professional iOS cleaning software to clear up all those junk bits lying on your device which is also a major reason to drain your battery life.

Rebooting Your Device

Some users know how to save their battery life while others prefer to reboot instead. Hold on the volume down and power button to activate rebooting and you can see the difference in the battery life.

Make Sure Of The Airplane Mode

If you are really worried about battery life and your phone is about to die then use the airplane mode. This mode allows only certain applications to run for operations and will never allow notifications or calls. Also, you can also try turning off your device to prevent your phone completely from battery drain.

The more you use your phone, the more battery it will lose. Apple has stated that they are constantly developing new strategies to combat this issue. If you think that the problem has not solved after following the instructions suggested, then its time to replace it. Contact your iPhone,s support center and let them know your problem with the device. They will offer you the best solution possible.

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