Hiring In This Pandemic? Here Are Some Tips For You


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With the onset of COVID-19 and country-wide lockdown, ‘online’ has become the new normal. Every business, be it small or large, has changed its methods and tools to carry out day-to-day affairs. The implementation of remote working has, undoubtedly, changed the functioning of workplaces forever. From meetings to performance appraisals, today almost everything is happening online. This is when a big question arises- when mega deals are being discussed and closed online, why can’t hiring be virtual?

Need to mention, several MNCs today are scouting for talent and yes, geographies do not matter. Gone are the days, when one needed to be physically present in a specific location to be able to contribute his or her talent to a company. Organizations are strengthening their talent pool by hiring individuals based purely on how they will contribute to making a difference. It has nothing to do with where they are based.

In this blog, we will tell you some amazing tips to relook at your hiring parameters and redesign them according to the new age requirements. Let’s dive in.

Relying On Technology

The corporate world has made peace with the fact that traditional tools are limited to office setups. As a result, businesses in India are considering recruitment automation using software tools like recruitment management systems.

For those who do not know, recruitment management software is an automated tool that streamlines the whole hiring process in just a few clicks. Such systems not just take the recruitment burden off HR managers’ shoulders but also aid companies to zero own the right talents.

It is high time for organizations to invest in the right technologies and make processes like recruitment management easier and efficient.

Recognizing Right Talents

There is a dispersion of skills beyond traditional talent pools. This means old hiring methods can no longer deliver the desired results in this pandemic.

When work from home came as a new concept, it paved the way for a host of new possibilities. Truth be told, companies acquired a larger talent pool and HRs got a chance to go beyond proximity to offices. Organizations were even able to collaborate with any candidates, regardless of their location. However, all these have ultimately led to increased competition among the Indian businesses and made finding the best fit difficult like never before. In this scenario, business leaders should focus more on recognizing and engaging with candidates they wish to work with’ rather than ‘candidates who are just available to work.’

Prioritizing Candidate Engagement & Experience

The duty of HR executives is acutely imperative as they have to safeguard potential candidates and cut down the risk of attrition. HRs are expected to come up with new ways of engaging candidates in order to make sure a better candidate experience in a virtual setup.

Now, we all know that the emotional connection of employees with their organizations has been negatively impacted amid this pandemic. The same applies to every candidate out there. During a virtual recruitment process, either their trust can get stronger or there can be a gap that will require prompt attention. Keeping this in mind, employers as well as HR managers should stand with new candidates throughout the whole process. From answering their queries to keeping them updated at every step, HRs should take good care of every potential candidate.

Training New Employees

Last year, when every working individual was forced to work from home, only the organizations that had an efficient people management plan in place were able to execute it with zero stress. The transformation from outdated servers to cloud-based servers, from traditional tools to recruitment management systems, all these were possible due to the adaptive behaviour of companies and their people. After facing many challenges and hurdles, every company is unified today. HRs and employees can carry out their routine processes from any remote location.

However, when it comes to new employees, they may not be well-versed with this culture. Needless to mention, the right training, as well as growth culture, are the main reasons behind the resilience shown by employees in unprecedented times. That being said, HR managers should help new joiners to understand their culture and the importance of resilience. This will aid them to get a clear picture of the organization and easily adapt to changes implemented in the long run.

So, these are the four vital points every HR manager should keep in mind while hiring in this pandemic.

While our country is in the middle of the second wave of coronavirus and expecting more changes in the coming days, we hope this blog helps you to continue your hiring process and get the best talents for your organization during this tough time.

Last but not least, reskilling and promoting adaptive culture will also aid Indian businesses to lead the change as well as growth.

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