TikTok testing a new ‘Watch History’ feature, so you find your way back to where you started


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Have you ever seen a funny video on TikTok, decided to show it to a friend but discovered it’s nowhere to be found? The service’s new ‘Watch History’ feature will (probably) help with that. The feature, which seems to be in testing, has a fair bit in common with YouTube’s own tracking system.

Normally, you would be required to save or download the video to your device, when the option is available. Some users have notes of their fave TikTok links that go on for pages. That is no way to live. And if you forget to do one of the above — or press the wrong button — you must search for the video. This could mean scrolling through thousands of similar videos. Fun.

TikTok’s History

The feature isn’t out in the wild yet, however. Hammod Oh, a frequent spoiler of updates headed to social networks, shared a screenshot showing that TikTok is testing out its Watch History feature.

Watch History shows up under the Content and Activity menu in TikTok’s settings. Since TikTok hasn’t officially announced the feature, we do not know when it will roll out. We are also unclear on how the Watch History feature will work.

It is possible the update will simply list a history of all videos watched. It may also be that the list will be categorised, like the videos themselves. The only thing that seems certain is how far back your history will go — Hammod shows that seven days of video shenanigans will be tracked.

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