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TikTok sellers are being invited to be the first to sign up and try out TikTok Shop before its public release.

Now open in Beta. I received the email below this afternoon. Though I’m not a seller, nor do I manage any TikTok ecommerce accounts.

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What is TikTok Shop. TikTok Shop is an ecommerce solution designed to boost sales and brand growth on TikTok. It allows users to discover and purchase products from their favorite creators and brands in a single, smooth experience.

Those who join as beta sellers will gain exclusive access to TikTok Shop and have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback for product improvement. Moreover, for a limited time, they will be able to take advantage of an exclusive promo offering 0% Referral Fees for the next 90 days.

Sign up. To participate in TikTok Shop, sellers need only click the link in your email invitation. But if you didn’t receive an invitation, then you can access the Beta signup here.

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Why we care. TikTok Shop presents a unique opportunity to tap into the rapidly growing TikTok community, where 83% of users say the platform influences their purchasing decisions. TikTok Shop allows users to discover and purchase products from their favorite creators and brands. Additionally, advertisers and brands can make their products and services easily discoverable to a highly engaged audience, ultimately maximizing their ROI.

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