TikTok is changing the rules of the music industry


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In a year where our collective attention spans have been obliterated by the ongoing global pandemic, and where we’ve all been stuck at home and scrolling on our phones way too much, TikTok’s cultural influence has continued to grow.

This is most apparent in the music industry – in recent months, TikTok has produced some of our most compelling music industry success stories. Take Nathan Evans, an unknown folk singer, whose TikTok recording of himself singing 19th century sea-shanty ‘The Wellerman’ (of all things) went stratospherically viral, winning him a major label record deal and a string of TV appearances.  

Or Fleetwood Mac, whose classic 1977 album Rumours skyrocketed back into the charts after a relatively unknown TikTok user posted a remarkably chill clip of himself skateboarding while sipping cranberry juice and vibing to the band’s classic, ‘Dreams.’ 

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