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TikTok is releasing more tools to help people limit their screen time. This follows users and parents complaining about all the time kids are spending on the dopamine-giving app, according to Engadget.

Screen time squashed


TikTok users now have a second way of limiting their screen time, according to a blog post by TikTok. The Screen Time Limits feature lets users access a Digital Wellbeing mode and set a strict Screen Time Management time of either 40, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. If you’ve set it to an hour per day, you’ll be notified and only a pin number will let you carry on with your addiction.

Apparently, this isn’t enough. The short-video app is rolling out a new feature that lets users schedule reminders to take breaks. The new tool includes an option to set reminders for any amount of time you choose. TikTok also said it will remind teens if they use the app for over a hundred minutes in a single day. Yikes.

“When someone aged between 13 and 17 has used the app for more than 100 minutes in a single day, we will remind them of our screen time limit tool the next time they open the app.”

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The new screen time dashboard also notifies users of how much time they spend on the app. And don’t forget scary summaries of the daily time users spend on the app, how many times users open it, and how time on TikTok is split between day and night. If you’re thinking of ignoring the dashboard, TikTok allows you to set weekly reminders to view your dashboard as well.

Let us guide you

TikTok also published a guide for the app on its safety center. “The guide encourages our community to reflect more holistically about how they spend their time online – whether on TikTok or elsewhere – and how it makes them feel as they set the boundaries that best suit them,” said TikTok.

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