Tiger Lake H CPU-Powered Gaming Laptops To Launch In H1 2021: Akshay Kamath, Director, Client Sales, Intel India


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India is one of the biggest gaming markets (#2) in the world. Though a majority of gamers in India use a smartphone for gaming, there is also a trend, where gamers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities are now opting for a gaming laptop.

Tiger Lake H CPU-Powered Gaming Laptops To Launch In H1 2021

According to a study from Intel-Kantar, 90 percent of smartphone gamers are willing/show a preference to shift to a computer as a gaming device. This is mainly due to the increase in the number of affordable gaming laptops in India.

Mr. Akshay Kamath, Director, Client Sales, Intel India, said Intel is in the right/central position in terms of driving the innovation and momentum in India. The company recently launched gaming-centric CPUs and GPUs. He further stated that Intel has also launched products like Optane Memory, and WiFi 6 modems.

Akshay Also confirmed that Intel will launch Tiger Lake H series gaming CPUs, and we can expect to see next-generation laptops powered by the same by the end of H1 2021. On top of that, Intel will also launch 11th Gen Rocket Lake S desktop gaming CPUs in H1 2021.

Tiger Lake H CPU-Powered Gaming Laptops To Launch In H1 2021

Mr. Akshay Kamath, Director, Client Sales, Intel India

With the Tiger Lake H series CPUs, we could expect thinner and slimmer gaming laptops that do not compromise on either form-factor or performance. Hence, one can have a high-performance gaming laptop that is thin-and-light, making it easy to carry around.

Intel Is Also Working With Gaming DevelopersThe company has partnered with game publishers like Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Marvel Entertainments. These collaborations make sure that a gaming laptop or a desktop powered by an Intel CPU/GPU will run these games much smoother and realistic.

Akshay further stated that Intel also provides tools like Intel Graphics Command Center by considering the feedback from the gaming community to boost the gaming performance of the Intel integrated graphics.

Iris Xe GPU Is A Gateway To Aspiring PC Gamers

With the 11th Gen Tiger Lake U mobile CPUs, the company has also launched the Iris Xe GPU, which takes the gaming performance on the thin-and-light laptop to the next level. A user can now spend less and still enjoy AAA titles on a thin-and-light laptop.

A Great Time To Be A PC GamerThis interaction gave me an idea of where the PC gaming market is headed in India. We could expect more affordable gaming laptops in the coming months, helping smartphone gamers to migrate to the PC gaming ecosystem. The year 2021 is likely to be a great year for Indian PC gaming enthusiasts.

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