This outlandish lifetime cloud storage deal leaves us with mixed feelings


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100GB Koofr Cloud Storage with Lifetime subscription – $29.99 at StackCommerce
While most other cloud storage providers charge monthly subscription fees, Koofr offers a lifetime subscription regardless of whether you choose its 100GB, 250GB or 1TB plan. You can access your files stored on its servers from the web, mobile and even using WebDav. Just bear in mind that lifetime often comes with some risks. View Deal

There has been a surge in the numbers of cloud storage services that offer a lifetime subscription to a fixed amount of storage and a standard subscription to “unlimited amount of storage” and at least one of them, Zoolz, has abandoned lifetime cloud storage altogether because it is not sustainable.

And therein lies the issue with anything that’s unlimited, unless you have some sort of restriction, the numbers simply don’t have up. While anything that depends on network resources can sort of get away with it, anything that relies on finite hardware (like hard disk drives) have to essentially conjure up some sort of magic.

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