This Made In India Air Purifier Can Deactivate COVID-19 Virus In A Minute


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Coronavirus has been the biggest concern for all of us around the globe. While wearing masks and sanitizing have been the norm for more than two years now, things might be changing for good soon. A new air purifier developed by IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay can deactivate the COVID-19 virus in just a minute.

This Made In India Air Purifier Can Deactivate COVID-19 Virus

A startup at the Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC), IIT Kanpur called AiRTH has developed a new technology. Called “Anti Microbial Air Purification Technology”, the new air purifier can deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus with an efficiency of 99.9% within just 1 minute. The technology was also validated by CSIR-IMTECH.

Deactivate Coronavirus In A Minute

The technology behind the new technology is quite new and different from anything we’ve seen in the market. Presently, the Indian market has many air purifiers which mainly function in capturing particles. However, AiRTH discovered that over the years, the filters in the air purifiers themselves become a breeding ground for germs.

On the other hand, the technology developed by AiRTH used plant-based coating on its filters. This ensures that the germs are deactivated. The new air purifiers also include UB irradiations and OH (Hydroxyl) radicals. What’s more, it runs the D-C-D (Deactivate-Capture-Deactivate) mechanism.

This Made In India Air Purifier Can Deactivate COVID-19 Virus

The D-C-D mechanism offers up to 8000 times better disinfection efficiency when compared to conventional UV-based air purifiers. The key difference of the new technology is that it deactivates airborne pathogens and viruses via inflight deactivation.

The AiRTH air purifier also provides enough residence time to the contaminated air particles before optimizing the filtration and then disinfecting them. Presently, the new AiRTH Anti Microbial Air Purifiers are put in use in hospitals. It aids in protecting immuno-compromised cancer patients at fatal risk even from a common cold.

Additionally, the AiRTH air purifier has helped in corporate setups, especially now that companies have reopened and brought back employees. Interestingly, the new air purifier was also commemorated by PM Modi as part of the 75th year of independence.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2022, 16:25 [IST]

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