This is the best PC alternative to the iMac Pro, but it still falls short


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Apple iMac Pro – $4,299.95 at Amazon
(roughly £3,300/AU$6,000)
The iMac Pro is truly in a league of its own – not many products out there even come close. The price tag means this isn’t a machine for everyone, but it certainly offers staggering performance for the money.View Deal

Launched back in 2017, the Apple iMac Pro is what most analysts would call a halo product. It won’t sell millions, but it represents a powerful statement from the Cupertino-based company, which has shown it can single handedly create a new market category: high-end all-in-one workstations.

More people search for the iMac Pro than for “all-in-one PC” by a very wide margin, which shows the extent to which the machine has captured the imagination.

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