This Is How Well Apple’s A14 Chipset Will Perform


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Apple’s iPhone 12 handsets are expected to be powered by a new A14 chipset. We expect that the upgrade will introduce a bunch of changes and improvements over its predecessor, but exactly by how much are we looking at? Turns out that the A14 could prove to be a rather substantial upgrade.

This is according to TSMC who recently published some details about their 5nm chip manufacturing process, which the A14 is largely expected to be based on. The numbers might not be 100% the same, but it could paint us a picture of roughly what we might be able to expect from it.

In terms of power, the A14 will apparently be 30% more efficient than the A13, which is built on the 7nm process. It will also offer up to 15% more power, but like we said, it is unclear if the A14 will offer up similar numbers or if it could be somewhere in the middle. The interesting part is in the power efficiency, especially in the face of the rumors that the iPhone 12’s battery could be disappointing.

By improving the power efficiency, it could offset any negative changes to the iPhone 12’s battery size. In any case, we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves so hopefully Apple will have something to announce in the coming month or two.

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