The weather week in a quick check: The heat stays for a while, but then there are thunderstorms


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The weather week in a quick check
The heat stays for a while, but then there’s thunderstorms

By Martin Pscherer

With the hottest day of the year so far, Germany is well prepared for the coming week. Then, in some cases, severe thunderstorms will bring some cooling until Wednesday. There is little time to catch your breath: temperatures will start to rise again next weekend.

A strong high made for a sunny, very hot and mostly calm weekend until the very end. On Sunday, a low will bring increasingly muggy air and some strong thunderstorms with a risk of severe weather in the west and north-west.

Over the next week, the hot air will be cleared across Germany, accompanied by further thunderstorms, some of them severe. From Wednesday the week will be mixed and moderately warm to warm. Next weekend, the great heat might make another attempt. Here are the details:

Today – extreme heat across the country:

It’s sunny and very hot. Temperatures commonly reach between 30 and 37 degrees, locally we might even get around 38 degrees and the hottest day of the year (most likely in the South West). In the western half, it will also be oppressively humid, which will further intensify the heat stress. Only directly on the coast is it more pleasant with values ​​around 25 degrees. From the afternoon, partly severe showers and thunderstorms are approaching from the west.

Night to Monday – thunderstorm and tropical night:

More showers and thunderstorms are forming, especially in a strip from the southwest to the Baltic Sea. Some of them can be even stronger, but compared to today, the risk of thunderstorms will decrease over the course of the night. In the east and south-east and later in the west, the night will be mostly dry. It will also be very warm in general – often tropically warm, especially in the metropolitan areas, i.e. not colder than 20 degrees – with lows between 15 and 21 degrees.

Monday – calm, sunny and dry:

More showers and thunderstorms, which can occasionally be even stronger, especially in the north-east and around the low mountain ranges, Black Forest and Alps. Otherwise mostly calm, often sunny and dry summer weather. In the south it will be a few degrees cooler, but still hot in midsummer with 30 to 34 degrees. Otherwise it is more pleasant with 23 to 30 degrees, on the coast around 21 degrees.

Tuesday – the potential for severe weather is increasing:

Denser clouds with rain move into the northwest. Later, new showers and thunderstorms will also form in the southwest and west, some with the potential for severe weather. Otherwise the day will often be sunny and mostly dry. The great heat is coming back again. Temperatures often climb to 30 to 36 degrees, in the south there may even be more.

Wednesday – clearing thunderstorms and wind:

From the night of Wednesday and on Wednesday, the hot air from the north-west will be cleared with sometimes strong and severe thunderstorms. Highs on Wednesday only between 20 and 29 degrees. Apart from the thunderstorms, changeable and windy during the day, with showers, but also sunny sections. Most likely dry in the west.

Thursday and Friday – cloudy and repeated showers:

It is likely to remain cloudy and windy in the north, with more showers. A few showers and thunderstorms can also form in the far south. In between, friendlier and largely dry weather awaits us with highs between 20 degrees on the coast and 30 degrees in the south.

Weekend – it stays summery:

At the weekend, the great heat could return with temperatures up to 36 degrees (in the south). Especially on Sunday, the risk of thunderstorms and severe weather would increase again from the west. However, the uncertainties are still great here.

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